TradingView Training

TradingView (Click Here) is a wonderful piece of kit, but it can be frustrating when you first try and find your way around it. I've decided to make TradingView education a public knowledge piece, little snippets of information here and there when asked by one of my team. No such thing as a stupid question, if one person is wondering, there must be others. Enjoy.

TradingView Set Up & Orientation for New Traders

  • This is an old video now, but still fit for purpose until I find time to build a new one. Very useful in depth video for beginners to find their way around TradingView, including the Chart Layout and tabs around the edge that are relevant to how we trade.

TradingView Upgrade Discount Hacks

  • TradingView isn't cheap.... Here are two ways to get your upgraded plan at massively discounted rates. And assuming TradingView carry on with their Black Friday sale, keep the discount recurring each year. Whenever you sign up, you can re-enrol for another year at big discount's during Black Friday if they run the promotion for a third year.

Chart Layouts & Autosave

  • The Autosave feature will only consistently work with Chart layouts, the 'List' functionality is extremely hit & miss when it comes to saving your charts and not losing them next time you open your laptop, unfortunately chart layouts are only available with Pro versions & above. Chart layouts are in my opinion the best way to manage your charts, in conjunction with the alerts feature.

Fibonacci Tool Set Up

  • When you select this tool, it is the most over-engineered tool in existence I think. Simplify it down to keep your chart looking clean. Here we look at setting it up in colour and how to get appropriate extensions.

Precision Tool Set-Up

  • One thing that I do know, is that precision is key. So how can you easily ensure your tools are located in exactly the right place? Especially when it comes to Harmonic patterns such as the ABCD or XABCD, gotta get them ratio's right! The zoom and magnet tools make it very simple, even if you have a small screen.

Trade Positioning Tool

  • The Short/Long positioning tool is a way to plan and manage your trade without needing to open your platform unless you need to adjust your actual position. Very useful for seeing relative RRR, TP's, Stop levels straight off the TradingView Platform.

Colored Parallel Channels

  •  This is an old video I made for a friend. The Parallel Channel tool is over-complicated, and redundant for our purposes. I'd recommend achieving the look you want for your Diagonal Supply & Demand using the Rotated Rectangle Tool Instead. I'll show you how to basically use both.

Compare Symbol (Correlation)

  • Here's an old one simply showing how the compare tool can be used to Add Symbol for purposes such as showing Positive or Negative correlation between pair's and a stark warning as to the risk posed by trading multiple pairs without the knowledge of pair correlation.

Create a Basic Chart Layout

  • Chart Layouts are one of the best, most essential features of TradingView Paid accounts. They can also be a nightmare. Here you will see how to build a basic chart layout of a single currencies Forex pairs with basic navigation.

Favorites Bar & Basic Templates

  • In Forex time is always of the essence. Using the Favourites Bar, and applying templates to those favourite tools, is a great way to reduce chart time.