Congratulations & Welcome

Common sense trading education is on its way, but first, lets get you integrated with the Team.

1) Add Pardo on Facebook


  • Go on, click the picture, I don't bite, I promise. I do alot of 1 on 1 support with the guys, so make sure you get me added. Adding me also enables me to add you to the Support Chat group & invite you into the educational group and thus skipping step 3! You will also need to talk to Pardo about setting up your inclusive One to One session to get the ball moving on your expectations, style and success timeframe.



2) Follow PFX on Facebook

  • Follow us on Facebook, help us grow. Obviously aside from putting standalone notifications & updates on Facebook, we are a word of mouth team and so group size stays fairly stagnant as I don't really believe in promoting us to the world as we may attract people expecting a 'get rich scheme' like everyone else pretends to offer. I'd rather you guys did it through respect & excitement after seeing it work in practice. Also, the website blog posts get sent straight to Facebook.



3) Apply for the Facebook Group

  • Click the picture & apply for the Facebook group if applicable, I may not yet be aware that you have joined us! Just fill out the required information and one of the administrators or myself will be along in a jiffy! This is where all the education sits in a Unit format that can be navigated easily to and from the website.



4) Subscribe to the YouTube Channel

  • The YouTube Channel is where all the content is hosted, along with the public training video's. You're going to want to be a subscriber here for the long haul as we grow and mature as a team there will be alot of training on the YouTube channel. Also there are some great playlists available put together by myself & the team's recommendations.


5) Bookmark & Follow the Team Website

  • Dont forget to bookmark the website, it's full of useful information for general intraday trading. Go and have an explore. Some parts of locked, that's not a mistake! You will gain access to them in your second month, or if you paid for longer than one month, get Pardo to give you the password. He's probably forgotten and is trying to beat his Bogey pair again.

6) Follow PardoFX on Twitter


  • We do not have a Twitter presence yet, it has not been on the radar. We are a very young team after all! But we are on their none the less! Help us grow by following us on there, in preparation. Retweet charts posted that you like, be part of the team. Its like Facebook, in time there will be nuggets of gold for you on there.

7) Bookmark & Investigate Babypips

  • The problem with trading is the sheer amount of information out there, the hype, the false promises, its ridiculous. Babypips is a free website full of great information that is useful used in conjunction with what we have here. I'm not afraid to recommend it, there is excellent basic information there and it is presented in a way that compliments our own style very well. If you haven't heard about it before, bookmark it, go through it at your leisure as it can only help. Just try to stick to the basic educational portions though, venture any further and you start approaching the kind of stuff we are trying to stay away from.

8) Bookmark Our recommended Risk Calculator

  • If you didn't know, we play by the rules here. We generally stick to just 2% account risk per trade. That is more than enough to compound very quickly yet risk extremely little per trade. This calculator factors in the recent prices to give you a very accurate lot-size to trade with whatever the pair. Its a go-to tool for me most days. Make sure you use it on Demo to familiarise yourself with it. Myfxbook is also a very useful Forex website in all regards.

9) Investigate & Bookmark the Economic Calendar


  • Our economic calendar is taken off the Dukascopy Broker website and is very clean and effective, especially in this website setting. It will be essential to use going forward, have a play and familiarise yourself with it. Needless to say.... News moves pairs, alot. Its good to know whats coming.

10) Create a Trading-view Account

  • We are artists and Trading-View is our canvas. A brilliant tool that enables you to analyse the charts however you want too. Then get rewarded by sharing them within the team! Or share them publicly to thousands of other Traders, there is a set-up for beginners posted on this website that will be essential viewing for you. A word of warning though, remember that 90% of Traders lose money (They dont trade common sense). Stay away from the idea's section, or be very wary of it.

11) Follow Pardo on Tradingview


  • I used to be very active publicly on Trading-view, but nowadays I keep it in the team generally. Follow me to get my charts privately posted as soon as possible so you can analyse them yourselves. Or share charts with me on Trading-view for constructive feedback, or even ask a question about how to use something.

12) Read & Sign the Commitment Statement


  • This is very important, click the image which will take you to the FB thread featuring the commitment statement. It is imperative that you are aware of the risks involved with FX trading and that PardoFX are not qualified to advise you on your investments.

13) Create a Zoom account for Webinar Access

  • We do all of our live Webinar's on Zoom Pro, upto 3 a week. Which means they can last as long as you want them too. We are more than happy to stay online as long as it takes. The members thrive on these webinar's especially if they are live on them too! You just need a basic account.

14) Familiarize with the Team Calendar

  • The PFX Team Calendar provides an insight into what is coming up over the course of the next year, when Market Overviews & Wraps will be, when Zoom is on, Set-Ups updates, MSMD sessions, the list goes on. May be worth bookmarking this page.

15) Complete Unit 1

  • Unit 1 is essential in helping you get started with Forex if you are new or refreshing, with Trading station set-up, margin, pip's, spreads and many other topics it is the best place to start. The PFX Glossary for example will get you used to some of the terminology we use within the team, that you may not have heard before, even if you are a seasoned vet.

16) Join the PFX Telegram Channels

  • I much prefer thinking of us a team, learning and trading together as a unit. The Telegram channels are very much trading focused, there is no spam. We have one thought on our minds and that is to talk FX and educate ourselves without interference from the Hype outside. Of course there is the legendary Set-Ups channel as well that you could benefit from.

17) Open & Verify a Live Broker Account

  • Even if you dont plan on Trading a Live account straight away, getting it set-up is fairly quick and easy so this is a good place to do that. We have a number of recommended regulated brokers that we are not affiliated too, that are respected brands where your money will be safe. You can set-up a demo account without verification, but starting the verification process at this point will be worthwhile.

18) Complete Unit 2

  • Unit 2 is the only mandatory unit and we feel it should be completed before you proceed with demo trading. It should really help instil the mindset required to succeed, and 90% of this game is mindset trust me.

Good Job!

You should be fully integrated with the team, any support is a button away dont forget that.