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Ok so the Facebook group can seem complex and hard to navigate, but it isn’t. Most of the threads below have links due to holding video content. Each thread will have information added into the comments, so always look at the comments too!

Don’t forget I am always adding new threads and adding content to existing threads so you’ll have to keep going through them to consolidate knowledge and find the new nuggets!! Although every piece of new content added is stated in the FB chat group.

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Files & Freebies


Unit 1 – Getting Started

Unit 2 – Philosophy & Mental Stability

Unit 3 – Support & Resistance

Unit 4 – Basic Trading

Unit 5 – Trend Trading

Unit 6 – Trading Principles

Unit 7 – Strategies – Training Emotion / Technical Analysis / Generic Strategy

Unit 8 – Confirmations

Unit to be remade

Unit 9 – BLASH Version 3

Unit 10 – BLASH Hotspot (Version 3a)

Unit being Built ETA Jan 19

Unit 11 – BLASH Version 4

Unit being Built ETA Jan 19

Unit 12 – Zoom Sessions

(Note Zoom’s used in Units where appropriate)

Unit 11 – Useful, selected FB Live Sessions

Unit 12 – Set-Up Channels

Unit 13 – Members Charts

Unit 14 – Files & Tools

Please use the Unit 13 link above to reach the specific tools and freebies.