Weekly Review 14th January

This week was all about building Blash 4 for me, so set-ups were few and far between. The guys chipped in with some great set-ups of their own but not in my channel. Thanks to the guys for using the ‘Your Charts’ feature, it helps everyone, especially when I am busy. This week was a […]

Weekly Review 6th Jan 2019

What a great start to the year, there was a host of fantastic set-ups that presented themselves on last weekend’s overview but we only took the greatest ones, no point being greedy. The markets were still unsettled following the Flash-Crash and the ongoing issues in North America. Using our new confirmation we could achieve fantastic […]

Recommended Forex Brokers

Forex Brokers can be fraudulent, they can manipulate price, they should be regulated and have a degree of trust through experience. At this time, PardoFX can only recommend the following Forex Brokers through team experience. There is only one rule here, it must be regulated to some degree. Unlike every other Forex site, these clickable […]