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PardoFX is a close-knit trading team running purely on word of mouth recognition & recommendation, we run things differently from everyone else on the internet that uses hysteria and network marketing to generate an atmosphere of failure for the consumer from the outset. We started in this format officially on August 10th 2018 but I have been very successfully running education for almost a year now and have gained an excellent reputation for being a non-nonsense mentor that can explain the charts and Price Action in a way that is simple and appeals to the everyday person. (Check out my Commitment Statement here..)

We run between 12 and 15 recorded zoom webinars per month covering a variety of topics (Usually user specified) that are planted into location into unit locations for easy tracking. To check out the current content that is being added to all the time, click HEREAlso offering 2 Telegram channels, and a Facebook chat group all for real-time interaction. We also run training on a specific strategy built by myself (The Famed BLASH Strategy) but it isn’t necessary to follow it in order to be successful here, it is common sense trading. Unfortunately common sense isn’t very common.

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If you’re going to succeed, the head game needs to be bang on. The content needs to be raw, it needs to be real, there has to be mistakes, there has to be effort, and you 100% have to believe in yourself. We believe in success, and we are confident you have the power to be successful here because the mindset is spot-on from the outset. Therefore I can exclusively offer you a 100% guarantee of..

  • No Bullshit
  • No MLM
  • No Hype
  • No Profit Posts
  • No Automatic Renewal 
  • Common Sense

‘But Pardo, isn’t Hype a good thing?’ I hear you ask… Incorrect, if it comes from me. Hype the service up to your friends for sure, but only if you love the serviceRespect has to be earnt, there is no real incentive for you to pass on the good word unless I do my job properly, which keeps me motivated. That is good hype. Hype raises expectancy,  you will never see myself Hype the service up and certainly when you’re in the team you’ll be treated as a friend, with decency and respect, rather than a lapdog being groomed with the promise that ‘something big is coming’ and that ‘Financial Freedom is just around the corner’. When I started trading, hype cost me 80% of my equity. I only need positive, real, raw energy in my life, and so do you. Get rid of the poison around the edges.

‘What about Profit Posts? Shouldn’t we see proof before we get educated?’… Absolutely not. If you were to come into the team based on a screenshot of an account showing profit then that becomes the single reason that you joined, money. Your mindset is way out before you’ve even started. That’s why we run on word of mouth recognition. What I can promise you though, is to provide ‘Lack of Hindsight / Looking Right’ trading to prove the knowledge works. I do this through a Telegram Channel called the ‘PardoFX Set Ups’ channel, that doesn’t provide signals, more opportunities to put the theory into practice as I post all trade set-ups that I am currently looking at here, the channel has gained multiple thousands of pips since it began and is a fantastic training tool for all involved. See below for an example of how a PFX Set-Up works.

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‘Pardo, why is Auto-Renewal important?’… How many times have you paid for a service, forgotten about the subscription and inadvertently paid a rolling fee? Yeah I thought so. With this service (Unless you set a Standing Order) you should have the discipline to place this order yourself before the subscription is due, this shows me that it is worth spending my time with you providing support, and that you enjoy the service. Unless of course you buy in bulk as many of the customers do, obviously showing huge faith in me and us as a team.

How can I guarantee common sense? How about actually trading in a way that is so obviously valuable and easy, trading at the extremes with the bankers. Using BLASH philosophy and On Trend Trading Principles, you will be surprised at how simple it can become with the right guidance. Allowing you to work on your head-game, which we will do together.

With a retention rate above 85%, a fair price, and obvious performance improvements to most members, its a no-brainer. Whether you’re just getting started or not.