One to One every month, for every member.

This is fairly big news, because it could increase my workload substantially! From the 15th August (Group 1 payments) every member will get 30 minutes one to one as part of the subscription, that includes month one members. So let's tot it up...

Month 1 costs £25 usually, (£15 this month August 19) and one of these 30 minute clarity sessions retails at £20. The reason I've included this as part of month 1 is because it allows us to align expectations, and set out some guidelines and area's to focus on before you begin with us - There is no obligation to take part in this session of course, it is your choice but it adds another level of value.

This perk will also be included in the standard subscription for every current member, every month, and reset on receipt of the next month's subs. This is because its very much worthwhile catching up, re-aligning and affirming strategy. Maybe a quick focus on a mindset issue, its your choice. Team members get 50% discount as standard on extra sessions  so this perk would technically save £10 per month.

To book a session talk to me privately on Facebook and we will arrange a date/time.

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