Team Review for March

So the first team update for a while, its been a very interesting period of work behind the scenes. Blash Strategy Version 4 has now complete, having been a laborious task for myself of profiled back-testing of Renko block movement using volatility as a guide. This was released on Zoom last night. It is a truly Mechanical way to enter Blash set-ups but I do insist it is nothing but an entry & exit confirmation at this point. Just to emphasise the work behind the scenes enjoyed by myself & Team members, V3 is a 32 page document. V4 is a 37 page document, V4 Indicator Set-up is a 22 page document. Profiled Hotspot spreadsheet is 6 sheets wide and still WIP. The work that goes on behind the scenes continues to be incredible. We've done well not to launch it with Hype or excitement, its a natural confirmation progression for our traders to explore as part of their strategies if we wish once they complete training.

Zoom call's go on as usual, with an average of 2.3 per week. Split into 34 topics. Q&A, Trading Basics, Blash Training, and now Mindset zooms. Unlike everywhere else, we recognise that Mindset is by far the most important aspect to train when it comes to becoming consistently profitable as a FX Trader. We already rid ourselves of the Forex noise, Hype, MLM, False Promises, and general BS so the environment is perfect to knuckle down and adapt our mindset without distraction. The Mindset Zooms go along way towards achieving this alongside Units 2 & 6.

We need to find a way to encourage new traders to see us as the right way to do things, unfortunately those that do not consider mindset will tend to fall for the vicious marketing traps found elsewhere. If a new trader join's us, what a bonus they have, an untainted mind to mould in the correct way.

In other news, we've been busy developing the Facebook Units, the Website units as in linking it all together. And some more tools to use such as the 'Carry Sheet' easily showing you which trade positions will gain you positive swap fee's.

Organic growth continues slowly, member levels continue to be low with much room for expansion purely to encourage group interaction. However, since we do things differently to everyone else, organic growth will always take time. We don't promote like anyone else out there, but those that join us tend to stay for a considerable amount of time. I am very happy with the way things are going in this respect.

So what does the next month hold? Well with a focus on Mechanical mindset such as the cycle pictured to the left, now V4 is released there will be video content put together to educate everyone in it. Many Zoom calls as well, but most importantly, get back to Trading with the team with some more fantastic Blash set-ups to analyse and share. Unit currency info sheets will be completed, Unit 1 and new member integration will be improved. But most importantly, the Team Member Portal will hopefully go live encouraging interaction and potentially rewarding input. That's next on the agenda. One thing is for sure, we keep getting better and better.

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