Weekly Review 6th Jan 2019

Weekly Set-ups

What a great start to the year, there was a host of fantastic set-ups that presented themselves on last weekend's overview but we only took the greatest ones, no point being greedy. The markets were still unsettled following the Flash-Crash and the ongoing issues in North America. Using our new confirmation we could achieve fantastic R/R and if we took them all could have realistically increased our account up-to 50%. Claiming +677 pips but it could have been so much more.

  • XAUUSD (Gold) +75 Pips
  • XAGUSD (Silver) +12 Pips
  • EURCHF +80 Pips
  • GBPNZD +200
  • GBPAUD +250
  • EURNZD +63

Not Taken

  • EURNZD +190
  • EURAUD +150


Team News

  • Market Overview Last Sunday (FB Live)
  • Your Charts Overview  (FB Live)
  • Weekly Q&A  (Zoom)
  • Blash Training (Zoom)
  • Superb progress with Blash 4 Build, plan in place for completion.
  • Expansion of 'Your Charts' with a look forward to introducing rewards.
  • Free VPS video.
  • Further website upgrades.
  • U.S. Dollar Info page.


Next Week

  • Market Overview this weekend
  • 'Your Charts' completion
  • Trading Basics (Zoom)
  • Q&A session (Zoom)
  • Draft 'How-to' with MT5 indication for Blash V4
  • EURO info Page

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