PFX Annual Review 2018

I pride myself on service, so it was only right to hold a Team Zoom at the end of the year to set some goal’s on where to take the team going into the New Year.

The commitment Statement is due to be reviewed and so this Webinar is perfectly aligned to ensure the update is valid and in-line with Members wishes.

I am VERY happy to say, it was a resounding vote in confidence in myself and what I have been doing/what I was planning going into the new year. Here are the area’s of interest for anyone to take note of that will be looked into/changed for the new year.

  1. Hierarchical Support structure (Not MLM, Voluntary) with members that are acutely aware of Blash Philosophy, to be extended with natural group expansion.
  2. Re-allign my Perception of Service and allow myself to relax a little more as members go through the training system.
  3. Zoom Structure is excellent, but there will be more focus on Mindset Webinar’s possibly at the expense of a Q&A session & a Trading Basics session per month.
  4. Potential for myself to Focus on less Pairs.
  5. Members are happy with an either/or system in which there are either set-ups or background work being done.
  6. More Interaction is essential as a team during everyday trading and Webinar’s so we must find a way to get more people interacting on a more regular basis.
  7. ‘Focus on the Past’ – What we know works should never be invalidated by new systems and upgrades (V4 Renko)

And some I need to add on myself..

  1. Withdraw Team Alpha support immediately (Already non-existent).
  2.  More realistic expectations regarding set-up analysis.
  3. Withdraw IML Support in stages.
  4. Website more appropriate for general browsing.

And some immediate Group Upgrade Goals

  1. Complete Blash V4 by end of Jan 19.
  2. Upgrade the Website by end of Dec 18.
  3. Upgrade Facebook content into a more logical system by end of Dec 18.
  4. Move to You-tube Uploads for most of the content.
  5. Carry out Free Training Webinar’s on You-tube / Facebook.
  6. More active within Trading-view and have set-ups linked to Trading-view.
  7. Achieve relative group success in hitting their Trading targets of 2:1 50% RRR.

As for performance stats, its easy to forget that there are many many valid set-ups posted in the Channel that were not taken. But here are some end of year performance stats from trades taken on our Dummy £1000 Account. 30 Trades since August 10th.

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