Thrive On Neutrality

I am a massive believer in Integrity, I am often too honest for my own good. I have hurt people through honesty. But I will never apologise for being that way, for if we cannot be honest with others, we cannot be true with ourselves.

I often feel like my life is a list of regret’s, poor decisions that cannot be undone. Choices that characterise me, things that make me the man I am today. But I believe in communication, and as long as it is said truthfully with all avenues considered, then the forthwith direction is an integral one. That is something that has stuck with me through the years, and it is how I abolish my feelings of regret, the ones I can justify anyway. Did I consider the impact on the future, did I explore all avenues? Did any third party consider the same, and if they didn’t, they probably didn’t want it anyway.

When we talk about Trading, its important to consider the qualities within yourself that are relative to your mindset. By my own admission, I am a self-confessed wreck of a man plagued with regret, justified through belief of choice. Just because you can justify it within yourself, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t mean you don’t feel, and it certainly doesn’t take away the guilt or impact it has on other people. 

The difference with me, is that I can be honest with myself. I know I have these flaw’s that would otherwise make it impossible to become a consistently profitable trader. I have weeks where I don’t trade at all, because my mental state is not on point. If you trade when you are feeling like this, its not just your mental state that will be on a downer, it is also your account balance.

Promoters of Forex never consider this, they always have the ‘perfect strategy’ that will make you money quickly. They are not interested in whether your mental state is capable of handling a Trading environment, but acknowledging your flaws is paramount for success. We must tackle this immediately when we come into the markets, if you are feeling down, sick, guilty, jealous, angry, whatever it may be, step away. There is always another trade.

You will thrive on neutrality, when you are in a relaxed state. When your judgement is spot-on, when you can nail down those confirmations and enter a trade considering it as money lost, and winning or losing with an unemotional straight face. Because whether you like it or not, there is no such thing as the perfect strategy, no matter how many Facebook marketers believe there is one. 

We give ourselves an edge through common sense trading principles, for the markets are random, and we are nothing more than a Casino with a long-term edge. And trading with a neutral, relaxed state of mind is our equivalent of card-counting. It is where we flourish without being seen.

This is one of the unseen advantages of actually dedicating yourself to the Forex markets, you become a better person in all aspects. Philosophy guides me through difficult times, teaching yourself to become neutral in any situation will not only improve your trading but also your interactions with people everyday. When I think about my biggest regrets,  the ones from earlier in life that I cannot justify, and I think about the reasons they escalated in the first place, I know now that I didn’t enter a state of unemotional neutrality. I didn’t consider anyone else, I didn’t explore every avenue. I need to accept them as learning experiences that took me on a journey to become a better person.

And to those that cross me these days, you will probably never know the whole reason I do things, especially without communication, because there are probably streams of information that have been considered and wound up into a state of neutral reasoning. You may hurt, I may hurt, but it was the most balanced decision possible.

Thrive on neutrality inside or outside of the markets, being neutral is unemotional, and it can take some time to achieve clarity. So never rush into trades just as you wouldn’t rush into a car purchase, or the decision to have a Baby. Become the mindset, don’t let it dictate your chosen path.

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