Weekly Report 21st September

This week proved pivotal I believe for two reasons, the first being that it marked the return of some proper Swing Trades to the Set-Ups Channel & the second being that it marked the introduction of psychology training in our zoom sessions which will have a huge impact going forward, there was lot of use in that PFX Q&A Psychology Special.

The Weekly Market Overview indicated early on what I could see happening and again that also played out beautifully. We finally got some clear direction on the US Dollar as it broke below 94 but also the Australasian markets gained some overdue strength. So early in the week we had some beautiful swings setting up.

Unfortunately at a couple of points there were some poor entries made by some members which raised some great discussion about Blash principle which i believe has really brought everything home regarding how to enter these trades, and there is alot of guys that have caught these swings this week. Myself, well only two of these set-ups made it into the Journal as I was at work for a couple of the entries but it really does bring it home that you don’t need to catch everything in order to compound that account.

Overall though the set-ups channel at the point of calculation had another staggering week of 925 pips 6 wins no losses and its actually increased since this point, those still holding GBPNZD have 400 pips and those in GBPAUD now have around 250, crazy swings, none too difficult to catch with the correct methodology applied.

Our week isnt over yet though, with a BLASH Zoom scheduled in for tonight as well as a Q&A session tomorrow, the fun never stops for me hosting to this eager group of PFX Traders! Im happy though, because ‘theoretic’ setups journal is strong. With the starting balance compounded up 71% since August 10th, using 2% risk per trade. So I know what I provide works, even when you only catch a couple of the moves. See you all next week, or get involved at anytime HERE.


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