PardoFX – Our Goals and History so Far

As head of the team, I am a no nonsense individual who takes no prisoners and doesn’t have time for anyone not willing to put a little effort into getting the huge rewards out of this platform. PardoFX is a Trading group connected to but outside the spectrum of the iMarketsLive educational platform. We cater predominantly for a specific group of people who we believe are already ahead of the game at becoming successful Traders.
  • Ex – Military personnel are educated in Discipline, Patience, and have a can-do attitude making it an easy transition
  • Matched Bettors have already got experience in risking minimal amounts of money for large gains making them perfect candidates to make the transition into Trading from the beginning.
  • Traders, successful or not, will be able to make use of the educational and trading tools from the off and certainly achieve much greater success or educate themselves to be better and successful traders after years of struggling to see the bigger picture with regards to money management and compounding.
  • Anyone wanting to enter the Forex markets who can see that the service I provide is true and real (As the videos are) as I do not promise the world like every other Forex Provider seems to do, if you are wanting to enter the markets and can see the service as genuine through my constructive and ‘real’ videos and see through the Bullshit spouted everywhere else that promises the world, then you already have the capabilities of the above groups of people.
PardoFX was formed in November 2017 as an open group to all traders that wanted me to impart my knowledge of Trading having come a long way since I started in just July 2017 and learning the hard way that it is a profession of Patience, Discipline and Dedication. I am the proof that having known nothing about Trading prior to July 2017 you can get yourself upto a trading standard within months of starting to learn, solving one of the conundrums facing many starting out in the markets everyday.
PardoFX was formed on a decision to leave iMarketsLive and pursue my own goals having gained knowledge through the fantastic education provided, the following I gained within the Ninja group for my trading analysis followed me and I realised pretty quickly that I missed the community and trading tools that I could still make use of in my own trading.A month into creating PFX I reached a point where we were rejecting hundreds of applicants a day to join as the group gained a reputation as a superb learning tool for traders around the globe, but I insisted on Quality over Quantity (I still do) and as I made the decision to rejoin IML I also made the tough decision to restrict the group to IML members only, instantly solving the problem above. Unfortunately this meant saying goodbye to our traders outside of iMarketsLive but I am pleased to say a few have gained access again through becoming an IML member.
Pretty soon it became apparent that, running this large group unrewarded was becoming a burden on me and my family so I decided to build a Family of Traders as an IML team intent on success and using myself as a Gateway to do this therefore I created the Gateway Group which is where most of you sit. The PFX group has huge respect and love within the IML community and to date no-one has left thr group which is a sign of success in itself.
We currently sit very happy having gained thousands of pips from the PFX group itself (Let alone IML ‘Earn as you Learn’ tools) over the last few months, and as a proud IML member I have a very ambitious plan going forward which I want everyone to become involved with. So, new to Forex or not, its time to move on with your life and let everyone else around you make excuses.
Dave (Pardo)

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