Opportunity Knocks

Welcome to my site – my name is David ‘Pardo’ Parsons and my aim here is to help ordinary people like me get financially free.
I spent 11 Years in the Military as a Mechanical Aircraft Technician on Tornado GR4’s & Chinook Mk6 Helicopters.  After multiple tours including two tours of Afghan I left the service because in my view the service was rapidly going downhill, and I wasn’t being paid enough to buy a property in the area I was stationed.

Having left the military, WOW what a shock.   Like many people leaving the services I found myself struggling to fit back into civilian life , became a bit introverted and finding it hard to find a suitable job.  I ended up working on a factory floor – the pay isn’t too bad but my shifts are like slavery and my income was fixed – no way I would do what I want to do on that.

I needed to find something else and like many people I found Forex via a company called iMarketsLive.  It looked great so I joined up.  Do you want to know what happened then?

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I started IML July 17 with no previous experience of trading, in fact I didn’t even know what forex was.  I went from £5k to £250 not listening to the more experienced thinking I knew it all.   Whilst there was nothing wrong with what IML taught me – I just didn’t follow the advice and was in effect gambling to make money.

Obviously that couldn’t carry on and I threw in the towel for a while with IML.  I am not a quitter though and I decided to come back and learn everything for myself.

I dedicated myself to the charts for a few months, traded on my own and built my account back up, gaining a following in the meantime for my chart work and the support I provided.

My partner 100% supports me and believes, as I do, that this is the future for us and my children.  With unemployment high and pensions not what they were I knew this was perhaps my best chance to get out of my job and care for my family and look after them the way I want to.

I discovered a passion for sharing what I had learnt and helping people to learn from my mistakes to make them profitable traders alongside me.

I Created PFX (PardoFX) & immediately got inundated with demand from new traders wanting to learn from me. I have had to reject hundreds of people as my time is limited to just 24 hours in a day like you!   Whoever got in is very happy with what I provide and I would like to help more people  – and there is a way you can do that – read on.

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I am willing to teach you if you are committed. I find it rewarding to see progress. My style makes it easy to learn from – it’s simple but effective.

You should be in my trading group because I have failed for you, because I have learnt the right attitude to win in his game. Positivity, discipline & patience.

If you are Ex-Forces like me then you should definitely check out Forex as you already have the mindset and have an advantage right off the bat.

I am strict with my risk and I will not allow you to be in danger if you do what I teach. I make myself available whenever I can, there is no such thing as a stupid question. My members have already made huge progress which is clearly evident.

To take part in my group you will need the tools and services that I use as a foundation and they come from iMarketsLive.  If you join me you not only get their tools and services but you get me to help and guide you to success.

Click the image below to learn more about IML and join to get on my team today – or if you have questions message me on my contact page here.

I provide the personal touch that cant be provided elsewhere. I provide the reality to the situation, I promise you everything no-one else will – That it will take effort, commitment & determination. No 10 minute fairy-tales.

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